Week 3

Hello!! Sorry I am blogging so late! It's been a hectic week! With taking up 3 English classes it is hard to keep up! And all involves lots and lots of writing! Well anyways, i see here there will be no class today due to this weird and strange weather! However, back to talking about the darkness of the internet! I am a little but worried for my kids sake! The internet can be very dark.. there is easy access to things that i didn't have growing up and its a bit scary! I as mom is constantly checking their usage to make sure there isnt antyhing strange going on. I also listen when my older son is playing video games and chatting online, i dont really like the idea of him talking to people he doesnt know. Strange characters can just come into these party chats and chat away with him and i dont like that! But this is the world we live in today and i guess we just have to learn to deal with it.


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